PCLPD100XHP model

What's New in the PCLPD100XHP Series?

Premium CHOICE Low Profile Exhaust Fan with DC Motor is designed to fit in the smallest wall cavities, making it a versatile and convenient solution for Mixed-Use & Multi-Family applications. PCLPD100XHP utilizes a DC motor and AUTOFLO™ Technology to increase efficiency and lower energy costs.

  • Ultra-Low Profile Design to fit in the smallest wall cavities
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation of as low as 0.6 sones
  • DC Motor and auto-flow technology for high efficiency
  • Built-in humidity sensing and continuous low-speed capability

auto flow


Features & Construction

  • Low profile housing design for easy wall or ceiling installation
  • Quiet operation 0.6 to 2.0 sones
  • Totally Enclosed Condenser Motor for long life (PCLP80XP and PCLP100XP only)
  • Totally Enclosed Brushless DC Motor (PCLPD100XHP only)
  • Built-in backdraft damper
  • Robust steel housing and decorative grille.

Optional Accessory

PCLPR4-3 4” Oval to 3” Round Reducer
The PCLPR4-3 is a 4” oval to 3” round duct reducer that can be used to quickly and easily connect 3” round duct to the PCLP80XP, PCLP100XP and PCLPD100XHP. This is a common duct size used with low profile bathroom exhaust fans installed in 2x4 walls.

Certifications & Listings

Please see the Submittal of each PCLP model for the certified performance data.

  • CALGreen (Title 24 Compliant)
  • cETLus Listed
  • HVI Certified


  • Outside Air Solutions
    Improve IAQ through good, better, and best solutions from S&P.
  • Residential Bathroom Exhaust
    Improve IAQ by removing excess humidity, odors, and VOC's from the residential bathroom.
  • Commercial Bathroom Exhaust
    Improve IAQ by removing excess humidity, odors, and VOC's from the commercial bathroom.
  • Local Exhaust
    Local demand-controlled exhaust is intended to remove contaminants from kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Dwelling Unit Ventilation
    Exhaust air at a continuous rate to satisfy code requirements.

Product Specifications

HVI Performance Data

Part ID Duct
HVI Certified
CFM 0.1" SP
HVI Certified
CFM 0.25" SP
Sones @ 0.1" SP Frequency
Efficacy @ 0.1" SP
Max Power
PCLP80XP 4" 80 66 0.7 60 120 4.7 17.5 0.2
PCLPD100XHP 4" 50 53 0.6 60 120 10 23.6 0.31
80 81 1 11.43
100 101 1.2 8.33


Dimensional drawing for the low profile models.
Part ID W D H X Y Avg. Ship Weight (lbs)
PCLP80XP 10.25 10.25 3.375 13 14 7
PCLP100XP 10.25 10.25 3.375 13 14 7
PCLPD100XHP 10.25 10.25 3.375 13 14 7

Dimensions are displayed in inches.

Options & Accessories

Contractor Pack

For convenient installation of specific sizes, the PCLP models are available in packs of four with all the parts needed for the fan to be installed by the contractor after the drywall and painting are complete.

The orange plus sign () is used to denote a new product of the PCLPXP series.

Description Literature
Housing Kit The contractor kit includes the fan housing and hanger brackets.
PCLPXP contractor pack housings (4-pack).
Motor and Grille Kit The contractor kit includes the motor, motor plate, wheel, and standard grille.
PCLP80XP contractor pack motor and grille (4-pack).
PCLP100XP contractor pack motor and grille (4-pack).

Plug-&-Play Modules

Image Description Literature
Modules for PCLPXP Series
Image of a humidity sensor Plug-&-Play option. PCLPHSP
Humidity Sensor
Image of a speed control Plug-&-Play option. PCLPSCP
Speed Control

Wall Control Options

Image Description Literature
Image of a 3-switch control. PC3S
3-Switch Control
Image of a delay timer switch. FLTD-60
Fan/Light Delay Timer Switch
Image of a rotary spring wound timer. SRT-30
Rotary Spring Wound Timer
Image of a electronic push button timer. EPBT-60
Electronic Push Button Timer
Image of a bathroom ventilation control. FT622
ASHRAE 62.2 Bath Fan Ventilation Control
Image of a programmable fan timer. FT247
Programmable Fan Timer


Image Description Literature
Image of a plastic louvered shutter. PER-W
Plastic Louvered Shutter
Image of a aluminum exterior fixed grille. GRA
Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grille
Image of a roof curb. RC
Roof Cap
Image of a round adjustable metal elbow. ME
Round Adjustable Metal Elbow
Image of a duct connector. DC
Duct Connector
Image of a worm clamp. WC
Worm Clamp

Radiation Damper and Kits

Radiation Damper

  • 3-hour rating ceiling radiation dampers
  • Ceramic fiber with fiberglass cover fire blanket
  • Roll-formed frame 22 g. galvanized steel
Image Description  
Radiation Dampers for PCLP, PCLPXP and PCLPD100XHP
pcrd PCRD
Ceiling Radiation Damper
Image of the radiation damper. PCLPLEDKRD
PCLP LED Light Grille & Radiation Damper
IOM Submittal