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Bathroom Display S&P's Premium CHOICE Fans

Advancing Ventilation

Longer Life

Long Life

Permanently lubricated motors engineered for trouble-free, continuous operations for 30,000 hours on AC motors and 60,000 hours on DC motors. All Premium CHOICE fans have robust steel housings and attractive, sturdy grilles making the PC Series one that you can fit and forget.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

S&P's Premium CHOICE Fans are ENERGY STAR® qualified under select models and sizes. Our fans come standard with high-efficiency motors and lighting to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing performance. An ENERGY STAR® qualification is especially necessary when using the PC fan as a whole-house fan that may run consistently throughout the day. You can learn more about ENERGY STAR® at

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

Today's homes are built to be tighter and more energy efficient than ever. Compact dwellings also mean that pollutants, dust, and moisture is trapped inside causing poor indoor air quality. The EPA ( has stated that indoor air quality is often two to five times worse than outdoor air, and that indoor air pollution is among today's top five most significant risks to public health.

Healthy indoor air quality is essential to the health of the home, and its inhabitants. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has established the 62.2 standard which applies to all residential spaces that are "intended for human occupancy" in single family homes and multi-family structures up to three stories. Use a Premium CHOICE Fan in each bathroom to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 Local Exhaust Requirement. Please note each bathroom fan counts towards meeting the ASHRAE 62.2 Whole Building Requirement. For more information about the ASHRAE 62.2 standard and requirements, click here.

Ease of Instlation

Ease of Installation

The Premium CHOICE Series Ventilation Fans are designed for easy installation for both new construction and retrofit installation. All models come with adjustable hanger bars which allow the housing to be positioned quickly and accurately between the framing. Also, most models are designed to be mounted directly to the joist or i-joist. The PC's unique wiring design allows for in-room or outside wiring. All PC Fans come standard with dust-guard packaging to prevent over-spray of paint or ceiling materials when units are installed in new construction applications.


Plug-&-Play Design

The controls and lighted grilles for the PC fans are "Plug-&-Play." Meaning one fan can be modified to be the exact fan needed. You can have the CHOICE to add a control or change the grille after the initial installation. See the Plug-&-Play Options page for more detail.

IAQ Sense

What is IAQ Sense?

S&P's Premium CHOICE Fan with the exclusive, award-winning IAQ Sense is the most intelligent fan on the market. The IAQ sensor detects and extracts both Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and humidity when installing with a PC Fan. You can set the IAQ sensor to run the fan at high speed if it senses VOCs or moisture, then after a specified amount of time, it will automatically adjust to run at low speed. See the IAQ Sense page for more detail.


Longest Warranty

S&P's Premium CHOICE Series Ventilation Fans come standard with the industries longest warranty. All AC models have a 5-year warranty, while DC models have a 6-year warranty.